I'm a Bali-based writer, freelance journalist, and content specialist. I'm passionate about storytelling, and I thoroughly enjoy bringing stories to life.


    I have worked for South China Morning Post, Al Jazeera English, CNN International, VICE News, PR Newswire, and KRAsia, to name a few, and I have also helped many businesses create meaningful content for their audience.


    This site is where I showcase my latest works and projects. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, requests, or ideas for a collaboration.


  • Feature writing/Journalism

    A selection of projects and editorials I've been involved with:

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    In Indonesia, ‘pay later’ services leave some drowning in debt

    Buy now, pay later services take off in Southeast Asian country where most people don’t have a bank account. | Read article.
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    Crooked business: Indonesia’s amateur dentists ply dubious trade

    Unlicensed ‘dental workers’ are popular among lower-income Indonesians who can’t afford qualified practitioners. | Read article.

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    Indonesian islands bank on Singapore bubble for tourism revival

    Batam and Bintan are hoping travel bubble will bring back visitors after collapse of tourism during the pandemic. | Read article.

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    Tourists Gone, Bali's Young Entrepreneurs Eye Sustainable Future

    After the collapse of tourism, young people on Indonesia's famous tourism destination island are looking for new sustainable ways to make ends meet. | Read article.

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    Indonesia’s local spirits: alcohol’s history and geography in the world’s largest Muslim nation ​

    Although alcohol is heavily taxed in the country and frowned upon in Islam, alcoholic drinks have long been a part of Indonesia’s many cultures. From arak to sopi to tuak, we take a look at the island nation’s indigenous tipples | Read article.

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    How Bali’s Chinese were accepted and integrated into island society

    Chinese Indonesians in Jakarta and other regions often face persecution and discrimination, but those living on the Hindu majority island of Bali say they have never even felt like they were a minority. We look at a history of cultural integration | Read article.

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    Polygamy in Indonesia: why some men are promoting it again, and what a leading women’s rights expert thinks about that​

    It’s not illegal in Indonesia for a Muslim to have more than one wife, but it’s frowned upon; that hasn’t deterred pro-polygamy activists, whose activities a critic says are a sign of ‘moral panic’ about extramarital sex in the country | Read article.

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    Singapore’s lonely poets: migrant workers who feel excluded find their voice through writing​

    With few friends and little connection to locals, people like Zhang Haitao are expressing their feelings through poetry and writing, captured in Singaporean filmmaker Upneet Kaur-Nagpal’s documentary Poets on Permits. | Read article.

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    Father of accused in Kim Jong Nam's murder: 'My daughter was being used'

    In an exclusive interview, Asria Nur Hasan, the father of Indonesian Siti Aisyah who is charged with the murder of North Korea's Kim Jong Nam, finally speaks out about her daughter's predicament. | Read article.

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    What does it mean to be a shariah-compliant fintech company?


    For Southeast Asia’s Muslim population, it’s a useful, even necessary, service. | Read article.

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    Indonesia’s different mahram system sends more women than men to haj

    While men represent around 55 percent of all haj pilgrims every year, Indonesia has created a way to consistently send more of its women to the pilgrimage. | Read article.

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    Mount Agung’s eruption is in the lap of the gods for Bali’s Hindu population

    Since the volcanic alert, the Balinese have been praying for the safety of those who live near the ‘mother mountain’, the most sacred peak on the island and pivotal to its Hindu culture. | Read article.

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    Headbangers in Hijabs: inside Indonesia's heavy metal scene

    From hijab-wearing female metal band Voice of Baceprot to the Hammersonic music festival that includes prayer breaks, Indonesia’s metalheads show that ‘the devil’s music’ doesn’t have to clash with their Islamic identity. | Read article.

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    How do Indonesians who dress as Hitler and Nazi soldiers justify their obsession?

    Some Indonesians have no qualms showing respect for the strong image projected by Nazi Germany, saying it does not make them neo-Nazis. Are they just unable to fathom the horror of the time, or does the problem run deeper? | Read article.

  • Business writing

    Need content for your business? Here are some of the things that I could help you with:

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    Got ideas for a book, opinion piece, or blog post, but don't have time to write them? I can help!

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    Press release

    Looking to do media outreach? I can help you craft a Press Release that gets noticed.

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    Video Scriptwriting

    I create scripts for explainer videos, commercials, and other cool stuff.

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    I can help you with marketing copy, website copy, and other copywriting contents for your brands and businesses.

  • Books & other works

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    Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt

    As Author

    Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt is an Indonesian best-selling self help book that pokes fun at self-help books. With its tongue-in-cheek humour, the book attempts to lure readers into living their life to the fullest... at their own peril.


    Read the Jakarta Globe review of the book here.

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    Fingerfun: A guide to fingerprinting art

    As Editor/Co-Author

    Fingerfun is a creative fingerprinting art book for children and adults, authored by Singaporean artist, Christina Hong. In this book, I wrote children's poems and limericks to accompany the art works.


    Fingerfun was published and distributed in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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